①Where can I check the number required for convenience store payment?

The number required for convenience store payment will be displayed on the screen when you complete your order . (It may be useful to take a screenshot or keep a copy of the screen.)
Additionally, KOMOJU will automatically send you an email containing the number required for payment.
(*Emails regarding payments will be sent from "no-reply@komoju.com". Please check your email reception settings etc. in advance.)

Please note that if you do not keep a copy of your payment number when completing your order, or if you are unable to receive emails from KOMOJU due to domain settings, etc., you will not be able to confirm your payment number.

If you do not know your payment number or would like to reconfirm it, please contact us using the inquiry form on this website with the name and other information you entered when placing your order.
*We will respond in order, but it may take some time to process the confirmation, so please contact us as soon as possible. Please note that if payment cannot be confirmed within the payment deadline, the order will be automatically canceled.

② I put it in my cart but it's sold out so I can't buy it.

Due to the nature of mail-order sales, we cannot guarantee inventory once you add an item to your cart. Inventory will be secured once the order process is completed and the order is confirmed. Therefore, even if you add popular or out-of-stock items to your cart, they may be sold out during payment or information entry operations.

③ I am not receiving emails from the site.
If you do not receive an email regarding your order, please check the following items and contact us.

⑴ As instructed when placing an order, if you are using an email address from a carrier domain such as docomo.ne.jp, ezweb.ne.jp, softbank.ne.jp, etc., as the carrier domain does not support HTML email, Some emails that contain images or HTML (such as payment information or order confirmation emails from our store) may not be displayed.
We recommend that you use an email address other than the carrier domain listed above.

⑵ Please check whether the email has been sorted into your junk (spam) folder.

⑶ Please check the settings of your email address, such as domain-specific reception, etc.
Please configure your settings so that you can receive emails from the email address below.
shop@seekclothings.com (order confirmation email, etc.)
no-reply@komoju.com (email regarding payment methods, etc.)
Additionally, order confirmation emails are automatically sent from the system, so if you do not receive them, your settings may be set so that you cannot receive emails sent from the system, emails containing URLs, or automatically sent emails. There may be. Please check your reception settings.

If the above method does not resolve the issue, please contact us using the inquiry form on this site, providing the name and other information you provided when ordering.

④When will I receive my order?

If your order is confirmed (payment confirmed) by 12:00 on a business day, it will be shipped on the same day at the earliest.
Shipping may take some time depending on order congestion or delivery company circumstances (bad weather, traffic conditions, etc.), but we generally ship within 3 days.
Usually, it will be shipped by airmail and will be delivered within 1 day.

For information on the number of days required for delivery, such as by land delivery or to remote islands, please see the delivery company's website below. (The origin is Please search for 060-0063, Hokkaido. )
( Sagawa Express / Japan Post )

⑤I want to check the order status and delivery status.

If you have registered an account (membership), you can check the order status via an automatic email or after logging in, you can check the information regarding your order on My Page.

If you have not registered an account (non-member), you can check from the automatically sent email.

You can check the delivery status from the email that will notify you of the tracking number after shipping.
To check the status of your package, please visit the delivery company's website below. ( Please enter the tracking number to search. )
( Sagawa Express / Japan Post )
If you do not know how to check, please contact us using the inquiry form on this site, providing the name and other information you entered when ordering.
*We will respond in order, but please note that it may take some time for the confirmation process.

⑥What is KOMOJU?

This site uses "KOMOJU" as a payment agency service.
KOMOJU (or KOMOJU) will be written on your statement for convenience store payment and deferred payment.

⑦Can you issue a receipt?

Receipts cannot be issued for convenience store payments or deferred payments. A receipt will be issued at the convenience store upon payment.
If paying by credit card, please use your usage statement. If you need one, please contact us using the inquiry form and provide your order number.